Mission Statement

–It is the mission of the Wakefield-Marenisco School District, in partnership with families, students and the community, to provide all students with the necessary skills to enable them to be productive and responsible members of a free, democratic society.

Superintendent’s Message

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Signs of spring are slowly beginning to show: plants are starting to grow in the school’s flower garden, the snow is slowly melting away, and the days are longer. As we prepare to enter into spring, we are faced with the two busiest months of the school year. April starts off with spring break. then we jump right into the state testing once back from break.
Our staff is committed to the success of our students on their state testing.  Teachers have created an action plan to help to build some excitement around state testing.  We all know what our students are capable of, and want to ensure that the students perform to their full potential on the tests.  In order to do our best though, we need caregivers and students to be determined to succeed as well.
As a caregiver, you can do the following things to prepare your student for success on state tests:
  • Mark the dates of your child’s tests on a calendar to remind you of the upcoming test.
  • Be sure your child gets plenty of rest before their test.
  • Keep a positive attitude about testing in general around your child and emphasize their ability to demonstrate what they have learned rather than the consequences of not passing.
  • Provide a healthy breakfast for your student on the day of testing.
Testing tips for Students:
  • Focus on the testing strategies you learned in school.
  • Take your time on the test.
  • Get plenty of rest before test.
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Don’t rush through the test, and be sure to check your answers over.
  • Arrive to your test on time.
By working as a team, we are more likely to be successful on state testing.  Thank you in advance for doing your part.


A Reminder to Visitors

When visiting our school, please press the buzzer by the bus circle door. Please be prepared to state the reason for your visit. Upon entry to the school, please report to the office on the second floor to register as a visitor.

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