Any student in the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade may enroll in a postsecondary (dual) enrollment program providing he/she meets the requirements established by law and by the Wakefield-Marenisco School District. Any interested student should contact Mr. Mark Lane, W-M guidance counselor, to obtain the necessary information.

The Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) requires that a student earn credits in specific subject areas in order to graduate from high school. Credits are earned when the student demonstrates competencies in content expectations in the given subject areas. The law allows certain modifications of these credits and/or expectations through the development of a Personal Curriculum (PC). The Wakefield-Marenisco Personal Curriculum Committee will meet to determine eligibility on an individual student basis. All PC’s will be subject to approval by the Wakefield-Marenisco superintendent.

The W-M Board of Education may award a diploma to students successfully completing a PC. However, each variance from the MMC must be considered individually. The MMC requires the student to earn credits in certain subject areas in order to earn a Michigan diploma. The student must demonstrate competencies in core subject areas.

Modifications to the MMC via the PC may limit the student’s ability to:

  • be admitted to college
  • be eligible for college scholarships
  • enter trade school
  • secure a job in a career choice
  • be eligible for NCAA athletic programs.

If a student does not fulfill the approved Personal Curriculum, the PC is null and void and the student is obligated to make up the class(es) that were waived or varied from the MMC by the Personal Curriculum in order to be eligible to graduate.

The PC may be requested by a parent, legal guardian or a student who has adult status. Upon request for a PC, the PC committee will meet to determine eligibility for a PC. If eligible, the PC team writes the PC with the student and the parent, using the student’s Educational Development Plan (EDP) and IEP (if applicable). The PC is then agreed to in writing by the student, parent, and superintendent. Progress is monitored quarterly by parents with each teacher of a modified curricular area.

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